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Guest Curators



Jez Riley French - Geophony

 My work with specially adapted geophones has allowed me to

listen in to some immense but subtle sounds caused by planetary movement or the resonance of locales being vibrated by activity


Listening Across Disciplines - Sound of the Month

Listening Across Disciplines is an ARHC funded project investigating listening as a methodology across disciplines. These sounds were all featured on our sound of the month project, which asks participants to respond in writing to sounds without a description of the sound. Their responses help us understand how listening translates into language

Scott Hazell - Air and Wind

Scott Hazell is a sound designer foley artist and composer based in Bristol, UK

Kirk Barley - Plumbing

.Kirk Barley is a composer, producer and sound artist

.Also releasing music as Church Andrews and Bambooman

David de la Haye - Ponds

David de la Haye is a multiple award-winning musician, field recordist, sound technician and producer

Séan Ronayne - After Dark

Seán took up sound recording, travelling all around Catalunya. In January 2021, Seán brought his new-found passion back home with him, and decided to start up Irish Wildlife Sounds, to document, share and pay

homage to the wild sounds of his home country

Pete Stollery - Lockdown Sounds

Pete Stollery is a composer and sound artist based in north east Scotland

He is fascinated by sound and how it relates to place.

His creative work exists as electroacoustic compositions, sound installations, web-based sound art, as well as instrumental/vocal compositions.


The lockdown sounds were selected from his COVID -19 Sound Map and captured by the following recordists

Barcelona Airport (Daniel Simpson)

Inverclyde Royal Hospital lift (Val Forsyth)

Marseille alarm (Caroline Boe)

The lord’s prayer (anon)

Glasgow Central Station (Tim Cooper)

Katrine Amsler - Springs

Katrine Amsler is a composer, sound designer, producer, instrument builder and musician based in Copenhagen. 

I have a deep interest in the texture and structure of sound. I often find myself exploring and investigating the sounds of different objects. Whether it be old organ pipes, cheap keyboards running low on batteries, a beautifully squeaking bridge or a hifi recording of a kitchen fan

Jaume Reus Viver - Insecta

Jaume Reus Viver is a music producer, environmental researcher and part of the musical duo Jansky from Palma, Mallorca

Philip Samartzis - Ice

Philip Samartzis is a sound artist, composer and associate professor in Sculpture, Sound and Spatial Practice and teaches Sound Cultures in the Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) program at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

Dominic Voz - Chicagoland

Dominic Voz is an artist and social worker based out of Chicago, IL. He has been producing experimental sounds for

over a decade under various monikers


  Abby Lee Tee - Beavers

Austrian musician Abby Lee Tee has been releasing a steady stream of constantly-evolving solo material since 2009, nurturing a passion for field recordings and unusual instruments. His fascination for the divisions and crossovers between noise and music, as well as nature and culture, can be seen in his work with installations, sound-walks, sound design for theatre and audiovisual projects, as well as records on labels such as Shash, Czaszka, Never Anything, Falt, Dinzu Artefacts and Accidental

Head Curator

Dan Pollard

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