Guest Curators



Jez Riley French - Geophony



"My work with specially adapted geophones has allowed me to listen in to some immense but subtle sounds caused by planetary movement or the resonance of locales being vibrated by activity"

Listening Across Disciplines - Sound of the Month

Listening Across Disciplines is an ARHC funded project investigating listening as a methodology across disciplines. These sounds were all featured on our sound of the month project, which asks participants to respond in writing to sounds without a description of the sound. Their responses help us understand how listening translates into language

Scott Hazell - Air and Wind

Scott Hazell is a sound designer foley artist and composer based in Bristol, UK

Kirk Barley - Plumbing

.Kirk Barley is a composer, producer and sound artist

.Also releasing music as Church Andrews and Bambooman

Head Curator

Dan Pollard